The Importance Of Lighting In Restaurants: An In-Depth Analysis

For optimal dining experiences, lighting is key. Take a look at this article if you like to know more about the importance of lighting in restaurants.  

While it’s seldom mentioned, lighting is in fact one of the elements that have considerable impacts on the overall experience of customers in restaurants. A sound lighting setup would likely allow people to enjoy the meals to the fullest. On the other hand, a sub-par arrangement of lights could lead to discomfort, loss of appetite and so on. Because of that, to keep the diners satisfied, owners of restaurants must never underestimate the importance of lighting in restaurants.    

New to the restaurant business and want a few explanations about lighting in dining spaces? In that case, this article is exactly what you need. Down below, you would be introduced to everything that restaurant owners should keep in mind while setting up the lights.

Effects Of Lighting: Focal Points

  • Mood

Remember that restaurants ought to appeal to all senses of customers, not just the taste. Once people decide to come to restaurants, they wish to find a unique experience so lighting would play an essential role in setting the mood. All in all, perceptive placements of lights put the mind of the diners at ease to enjoy the delicious foods. Assuming that thing works together smoothly, your restaurant is going to leave positive impressions on the customers which make them come back again and again.

  • Time

It’s common knowledge that as you get to enjoy yourself, time passes quickly. Therefore, if the diners feel that they have a good time in your restaurant, they could stay longer than initially planned. Needless to say, the longer the diners spend in restaurants, the more money they spend. So by putting together a pleasant lighting setup, you may manipulate the sense of time of your patrons to a certain extent which boosts revenues. That is why if you want your restaurant to prosper, don’t overlook the lighting.   

  • Security

Restaurants tend to accommodate a lot of people at the same time, hence, having proper illuminations is of utmost importance. Brightly-lit spaces notably reduce potential opportunities for theft, decrease risks of injuries, ease navigation, … In addition to that, in case of emergency, a reliable system of light shall let diners safely reach the exits in the shortest time possible. As a precaution, it’s strongly recommended that you make provisions for some backup lights.  

  • Presentation

For your information, the appearances of foods and beverages markedly affect the tastes as well. Guess what could you do to make your meals look more appealing in the eyes of your patrons upon served? That’s right, all you need is a solid lighting system located at strategic locations. As lights from various sources interwind, the diners would be captivated by the alluring dishes and drinks on the table. For optimized presentations, you should think about adding a dimmer control to your lighting arrangement.       

  • Performance

Aside from the customers, lighting also influences the overall performance of employees in the restaurants. Well-illuminated environments would allow hostesses, waiters, bartenders, chefs and others to work fluently altogether. It’s still a good idea to keep the intensities of the lights at reasonable levels, especially in the kitchens, as exceedingly bright lights may cause disorientation among your crews.

Types Of Lighting In Restaurants

Restaurants these kinds of days use a wide range of lights for illuminations but it’s possible to put them into three types: ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting. To firmly grasp the importance of lighting in restaurants, you must get to know the inherent characteristics of every type.  

  • Ambient Lighting

As the name suggests, ambient lighting features lights that illuminate the general layout in the restaurants so people could see and move as they like. Depending on individual preferences of restaurant owners, lighting fixtures, natural lighting and so on would be used for ambient lighting. All in all, having good ambient lighting is key to a decent setup of lights.  

  • Task Lighting

For basic purposes, ambient lighting should prove more than enough but once it comes to certain functions that require concentrated illuminations, you need task lighting. Usually, lighting fixtures such as overhead lamps, fluorescent bulbs, recessed lights… would be excellent for task lighting in typical restaurants.

  • Accent Lighting

To put it plainly, accent lighting is what you use to add drama to the dining space in your restaurant.To draw the attention of your patrons toward the main focuses like artworks, menu boards and so on, accent lighting is going to be the top choice by all accounts.  

Setting Up The Lighting System In Restaurants: Tips And Tricks

You finally understand the importance of lighting in restaurants but you still don’t know how to put everything together? Well, if you need guidance, check out the following hints

  • Pay Special Attention To Contrast

The idea to keep the lighting balanced, not too bright and not too dim, so as to avoid issues like glare, eye strain and others. In case you don’t know, our pupils must repeatedly adjust as we move our eyes from spot to spot. If the intensities of the lighting get excessive, discomforts follow. Conversely, if you only leave a few dim lights on, the contrast between the lights and the dark surroundings could make your customers feel irritated.

  • If Possible, Go For LEDs

While it’s a breeze for you to purchase all sorts of lights nowadays, you should consider using LED lights. Compared to incandescent, fluorescent and other lights on the market, LED lights have low operating expenses and possess outstanding lifespans. Though they seem to come at high prices, LED lights actually allow you to save money in the long run. Because of that, it’s widely advised that you go after LED models for the lighting system of your restaurant.   

  • Beware Of Lights From Outside

Unwanted lights straying in from the outside may ruin the delicate lighting argument of your restaurant if you let them. So as to keep the outside light from invading the dining space at will, you should implement certain measures like windows shades, non-glossy paints, …


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