What is the Best Small Tactical AA Flashlight: Handy to Bring Everyday

Tactical flashlights are bright and capable. You can have it as your EDC. What is the best small tactical flashlight you can buy? It’s your decision to make.

Tactical flashlights have evolved for years and now they are more capable than ever. Not only that, there come in different sizes and styles, but they are still powerful flashlights. For everyday carry (EDC) you can also bring a small tactical flashlight that fits your pocket. So, what is the best tactical flashlight? This article answers this question, but not entirely give you an ultimate recommendation. You’ll know that as you read this article.

What are Tactical Flashlights?

If you are looking for a brightest aa flashlight  or pocket flashlight, it might be practical to get small tactical flashlight. Not only that, they’re bright, even in a compact size. They are durable and capable that can be used for desperate situations. Small tactical flashlights fit the pocket and they have a tail-activated switch that you can easily press with your thumb to turn it on.

Whether you need a flashlight to carry every day or as part of your emergency kit, such tactical flashlight is perfect. They are water-resistant and shock-resistant, so no matter where you are, you’ll have a very reliable source of light. Since they are mostly made of military-grade or aircraft-grade aluminum, you can use them as a self-defense tool.

Even though small tactical flashlights seem not enough, they usually have LED light, so no bulbs to replace. Some of them operate with Lithium batteries that have 10 years of shelf life. You can use either a camera battery or AA batteries for these flashlights.

Most tactical flashlights have focused beam, you can blind your opponent or anyone if you’ll directly shine the light in their eyes. Lastly, they have a striking bezel that is usually stored onto the front that you can use for self-defense. Check out this YouTube video for more information on why you’ll need a handy flashlight:

Advantages of a Small Tactical Flashlight

Aside from the explanations of the YouTube video above, the following will help you understand why you should pick a tactical flashlight as your EDC.


Since you have decided to go for a small flashlight, you should get something 5-inch or less. These flashlights are strong and compact, mostly with focused beam types that can travel up to several meters away.

Power Source

Some are rechargeable, while others are powered by Lithium batteries, which are better than alkaline. Most tactical flashlights have LED light, so they are energy-efficient and they operate in different kinds of batteries. For backup, you can use alkaline batteries that are available anywhere.

Battery Life

As mentioned, these flashlights use Lithium batteries with alkaline as backups. Though the energy consumption varies from flashlight to flashlight, lithium batteries can still give more run time for the tactical flashlight.

Water-resistant and Waterproof

Even when it’s raining, you won’t be budged and just do your job, especially for law enforcement. This is because most tactical flashlights are designed to be water-resistant. However, if you want a more reliable flashlight that can still work even when you plunge it into the water, get a waterproof tactical flashlight.

SOS Mode

Since you already think of getting the best small tactical flashlight, you might as well think about this one crucial feature that you can use during emergencies — SOS mode. It’s a strobe feature that may paralyze your opponent. How this works?

Your brainwaves operate on certain frequencies (Hz) between 1Hz to 20Hz. The strobe light will force those brainwaves to hit the highest frequency, without becoming lethal. Such will cause a lot of trouble to the possible assailant, that may force him to be on his knees or put his hands on their heads.

Start a Fire

Some tactical flashlights are powerful enough to start a fire. While 1000 Lumens is already capable of making a fire, it’ll take more time. So, if you can get a flashlight with a higher Lumen rating, the faster you can make a fire. But, you should be very careful with it as this is your EDC. You don’t want to burn your bag, your car or your house.

Some Recommended Products

Every person has his own needs and preferences. But, given all the advantages of having a small tactical flashlight with you, this article will introduce you to a few products. You can buy the best small tactical flashlights from your local or online stores. And, they are offered by great brands like Fenix, Surefire, Streamlight, Pelican, 5.11 Tactical, and more.

The most favorite small tactical flashlight is the Streamlight ProTac HL USB . It’s one of the brightest flashlights on the market, which can be charged as you go. It has different light outputs from 85 Lumens to 850 Lumens with run time of up to 12 hours. This flashlight is impact-resistant with anodized aluminum construction and water-resistant, too.

If you want a flashlight that you can double as a self-defense tool, get a Surefire E2D LED Defender Ultra . It has a specially-designed bezel that allows you to inflict blunt force on your opponent. Additionally, the blinding 500 Lumens is more than enough to give you time to escape if you are at a disadvantage.

Those who want to have a long-range tactical flashlight will surely love the Nitecore MH25GT. It has a maximum beam distance of 452 meters (almost 1500 feet) with 1000 Lumens. With just a twist of the head, you can toggle between 50 Lumens to 1000 Lumens, depending on your application. Like the Streamlight ProTac, this one is also rechargeable.


There’s no further explanation needed. Small tactical flashlights are the best for EDC because they are more capable than they look. So, what is the best small tactical flashlight, you may ask? Well, you’ve read three products above, but the best for you is the one you decide to buy after evaluating your needs and your wants. Ensure that you know your needs to pick the one that fits your pocket, efficiently brighten your night, and serves its purpose the best.

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